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    How to arrange Fragments

    Stefan Hackmann Newbie

      I want my portlet-container to segment my page in a way, that one specific portlet/fragment is (allmost) all time visible (but not in the menu). other portlets should appear in the menu and after request at another fix place on the webside. what are the crucial files to handle this? where can a read more about this?
      ... dhexus.

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          Woodler Expert

          I must say that your question is not very clear to me, but I believe you want to take a look at layouts and themes. Perhaps also at the Catalog portlet that handles the menu/navigation right now.

          We're working on documentation of these features. Please stay tuned.

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            Stefan Hackmann Newbie

            ok, let's say it this way: i have a layout-jsp where

            <td class="magicColumn">
             <p:region regionName='putithere'/>
            <td class="nextColumn">
             <p:region regionName='thisisfix'/>

            and a css style-sheet file defining

            Now I want to have a certain window/portlet/fragment at "thisisfix" and load different windows/.. dynamically into "putithere".

            ..any ideas?

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              Woodler Expert

              until we have a UI for it (in 2.2) you'll need to assign the window in the xxx-portal.xml , like :


              where 'region' matches the name you provide in the region tag (so in your case 'putithere' or 'thisisfix'), and 'height' lets you order the portlets inside one region

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                Jacek Laskowski Newbie

                I'm not sure how it could work, but to add to Martin's message, you could also render a portlet only when a application/session/request parameter is set. You would then end up with a controller portlet and when appropriate parameter is set, it would dispatch render request to a portlet of your choice.

                You would have to use IPC and some portal functionality.