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    Java Web Start & JBoss Portlet - URGENT

    Paolo Salvadori Newbie

      I Have installed JBoss Portal, I have created my own portal instance and I have populated it with a set of portlets built by me. So I have a big problem:
      in one of these portlet i want to insert a link to a jsp that dynamically create a jnlp descriptor to download a web start application. To do this I inserted my jsp inside the portlet directory (.war) in a "jsp" directory. The link so point to


      that is traduced to


      all works correctly but there is a problem;
      the portlet that provide this link is protected with the security mechanism provided by jboss portal so if I want to download the application I must log in in the portal. But if I try to write the string


      in the address bar of my browser, I can download the application too and it is not nice.

      So I'd like to know if there is a method to protect resources inside a portlet or if there's another way to do this. Please help me.
      Thanks in advance.