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    Best practices for portlet development

    Julia Alexandrescu Newbie


      I am a student at the Technical University in Munich, Germany and I am working on a university project on design patterns for portlets.
      The focus of my work is researching the best practices when developing a web portlet, especially which design patterns are the most suitable for portlets development.
      For example, the MVC pattern is one of the most popular design patterns for portlets.

      I am writing to you to ask which design patterns are used in the development of your portlets from the JBoss Portal.
      - What design patterns do you use for your portlets?
      - Do you use MVC among others?
      - Do you have your own design patterns?
      - Do you use any templates or guidelines for portlet development that involve design patterns?

      I am looking forward to your answer. Any answer would help with the research, as experts? interviews are part of my work in the project.

      I appreciate any references you consider to be related to my search.

      Thank you,
      Julia Alexandrescu
      Department of Informatics
      Technical University Munich
      Email: alexandi@in.tum.de

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          My first idea is that the portlet framework is already MVC compliant by itself (i.e clean separation of action/render).

          Then for a more elaborated framework there are some of them that offers to run in a portlet environement : webwork2,tapestry,JSF

          The best option is probably JSF if you like component based development. It is hard to learn though. Otherwise the others seems to be quite classic with respect to be a struts like action based framework.

          I would recommand to avoid the classic struts at all cost.

          Regarding other design patterns, I am thinking about some but I had no time to formalize them yet. Perhaps some other people have discovered DP while doing their dev, that would be interesting to hear about that.