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    Problem with JBoss Portlet and JavaServer Faces

    Giordano Vicoli Newbie


      I developed some little demo applications using JBoss Portlet and JavaServer Faces. I followed the CarDemo and all is working fine.
      Now I developed a more complicated application with 3 Portlets using JSF.
      Each portlet has a Button that perform an action. Each Action is associated with different Beans. So I have 3 portlets, 3 buttons, 3 beans and 3 actions. All these action perform a simple output on the standard output using System.out.println. Further each bean has a simple Constructor where it write a message so I can see if the bean is created. Unfortunately only 1 bean is created, so only 1 Portlet is active. I can see the other 2 Portlet but when I click on the button no actions is performed.
      Where is the problem?? Can I use more portlets in a single JSF web application?

      many thanks for the Help,