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    PortletRequestDispatcher didn't work

    Dong Zhang Newbie


      I am running jboss-4.0.3RC2 on Linux, JDK 1.5.0_04. Just try to show the help info.
      1) If I use PortletContext portletContext = getPortletContext(); I got null pointer exception, so I have to use session.getPortletContext();

      2) I am expecting the doHelp() will show the helpPage.jsp content, but the page is blank, no error/exception, could anyone point it out the reason,pls?

      thanks a lot

      Here is the final code
      protected void doHelp(RenderRequest req, RenderResponse resp)
      throws PortletException, IOException
      session = req.getPortletSession(true);
      PortletContext portletContext = session.getPortletContext();
      PortletRequestDispatcher prd = portletContext.getRequestDispatcher(resp.encodeURL(req.getContextPath())+"/jsp/helpPage.jsp");
      catch(PortletException pex)
      catch(IOException iex)


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          Bradley Smith Master

          1.) Make sure your portlet extends javax.portlet.GenericPortlet
          2.) Try setting the response content type before dispatching
          3.) you might want to get rid of the encodeURL call

          I simply use

          PortletRequestDispatcher dispatcher = this.getPortletContext().getRequestDispatcher("/jsp/helpPage.jsp");
          dispatcher.include(request, response);

          with no problems

          Hope this helps.