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    Where can I get materials about jBossPortal single sign on?

    Bruce Newbie

      I installed jBossAS4.0.2+jBossPortal2.0.
      In jBoss portal, user can create a new account and then login with it.
      I have below questions:
      (1)Can I use LDAP authentication instead of default user authentication mechanism in jBossPortal. If I can, how about the configuration steps.
      (2)We use portal to integrate data islands in enterprise. Different system has different authenticatoin and authorization mechanism. Single sing on feature of portal can make things simple.
      But how jBoss portal integrate authentication mechanism between different systems?
      Must I develop portlet with specific logic to integrate specific system?
      Or are there any existance single sign on mechanism in jBoss portal? If so, how about the configuration steps.
      I cannot find enough single sing on matreials, and I have no idears about jboss portal single sign on mechanism. I do not know how to begin my single sign on tour.
      please help. Thanks in advance.

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          Bradley Smith Master

          Authentication and single sign-on are handled by JBoss AS (and Tomcat). You should review the JBoss App. Server Guide - the chapter on security (Chapter 8). JBoss provides login modules for LDAP, databases, flat files, etc... you can use one of those or roll your own using JAAS. The single sign-on setting is made by modification of the Tomcat-SAR's server.xml file. The portal, for the most part, is an application running within JBoss and Tomcat and inherits the authentication/SSO attributes of the the server via the HttpServletRequest methods:

          isUserInRole(String role)