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    Adding parameters to a page URL

    pmn92 Novice


      Qestion 1: If I use a page URL, something like

      could I add parameters to the URL such as
      and would these parameters be passed to every portal instance in the page?

      Question 2: If I, later on, send a portlet action URL, I would resend the objid parameter as parameter of the URL, but would the other portlets instances in the page that are to be called when the action is finished to render their content, see the objid parameter?

      Question 3: Any advise? Below is my application context...

      I have multiple portlets on a page that need to share a context. For example a portlet would display statistics about an object, while another one would display details or othe summary infos. In addition to the need to share a context, a user could open a IE/HTML page per object, thus referring to the same portal page and the same instances of portlets within the page.

      By adding a context-id in the portlet instances preferences (in portlet-instances.xml file) and placing the context in teh portlet session (scope application) I can get my portlet instances to share a context. But this would be a static context.

      Now the next step is to have a IE/HTML page per object and the only way I could think of is to pass an object reference as a request parameter and that 's where I have questions above.

      Any one could advise?

      Thanks (a lot) in advance...