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    Ego IO Newbie

      Hi everybody!

      I'd like to have the default 404 ERROR page as "page not found" error page, while on default there's a customizated one on JBoss Portal... Does anybody know how and where to set it?

      Thanks a lot!

      Il Dima

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          Bradley Smith Master

          Try editting web.xml in:


          Add elements like these (for example):


          Review the Servlet spec. and/or the appropriate web.xml DTD or XSD for more info on configuring a webapp to deal with error codes.

          Hope this helps.

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            Ego IO Newbie

            Mh... it doesn't seem to work...

            The problem is that I don't want the Portal answer me with a customized 404 Error page... I want a 404 HTTP error! Not a 200 OK HTTP answer with an error page... I don't know if I explain me...


            Il Dima