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    managed beans config n myfaces

    Jason Bradfield Newbie

      I am trying to get the blank war from the myfaces examples to run as a portlet...

      I have created the additional jboss xml configs and deployed to JBoss 4.0.3 (with ejb3) with Portal 2.0.
      I can access the first page fine through the servlet context, place "Jason" in the text box and submit, the next page comes back with "Welcome Jason" and all is good.
      I go to the portal page then click on the link to the blank portlet I also get the text box, but after submiting the welcome on the next page does not display my name..

      I have debugged this and need some help figuring out the problem.. The managed bean that the first page posts to is called HelloWorldBacked and contains a property "name".. I have added some debug and found that the class is being constructed on the post and the name property is being set. Then on the render the HelloWorldBacked class is being constructed again, then when getName is called it is null...
      When I change the faces-config.xml to declare the HelloWorldBacked as session scoped (instead of request) everything works...

      I would really like to get my beans working in the request scope..

      I am not sure how the myfaces bridge works, but it looks like the render phase of the request is being treated as a new request..

      Any help would be benificial.
      Jason Bradfield.