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    Portal goal?

    Stephen Corey Newbie

      I'm researching deploying a portal for several hundred users to log into and access various content. I would LOVE to use Jboss Portal, since it's a EJB-based solution, but I'm having trouble understanding what it is supposed to provide.

      I understand the concept of a framework, and have used several in the past (i.e. Zope). Zope is an Application Server only. There's "portal" addons (i.e. Plone) that provide portal functionality and quick site creation. Other portal products (Sharepoint Portal Server) basically give you the same thing (quick site creation).

      JBoss Portal has it's (distant) roots based on PHPNuke, so you'd think that getting a site running with basic content would be pretty painless? What I see when I get it running is a bare-bones site, with no apparent way to add more content, etc... Lots of docs on installing it, but very little on actually how to use it?

      Am I missing something here? If this is supposed to be a portal, then why provide just a framework? If it's a framework, then why call it a portal?