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    Page change callback hook

    Ales Justin Master

      Is there some way to know when portal page was changed or portlet is not in use any more? Some sort of callback hook?
      To know when to release ejb statefull session bean.

      Rgds, Ales

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          I wouldn't do that in a page change. You can eiher do it at the end of the doView () etc. method of the portlet, or register a session listener that clears the reference when the session gets destroyed.

          But I agree: a page change listener could be an interesting feature. Anybody with some real use cases for it ?

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            Ales Justin Master

            Thanx for reply.
            Current I use HttpSessionBindingListener.
            I'm having a statefull session object which is used for searching. I combine the power of Lucene with EJB3 persistance. And I need to 'remember' some of the stuff that was used. But when the user leaves this search page I discard the session bean - with its persistance context and my statefull data.