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    Marcel Odendahl Newbie


      what is the idea behind the CMSPortlet?
      I'm trying to include a page which I made with the CMSAdminPortlet.
      Therefore I simply want to put a new portlet instance on the start page.
      I edited the default-objects.xml, default-portal.xml and the
      portlet-instances.xml to fit my needs. But I get an error that the portlet
      instance can't be found.
      Here are my editings:


      I'm working with a cvs-snapshot of portal 2.2.
      If the CMSPortlet isn't to be intended to display content in that way
      is there another portlet to display content?



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          Viet Master

          indeed, CMS portlet reacts to path like /content/a/b/c.html

          when the portal see that it configures the cms portlet to have a specific render parameter equals to /a/b/c.html and it displays that.

          if no render parameter is present then it will display some default content.

          I think that it could be possible to make it display something specific (we have that in 2.0 with the ContentPortlet).

          I think that Roy who is in charge of that will answer better than I would.

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            Marcel Odendahl Newbie

            Hi Julien,

            thanks for the answer. It seems to work the way I expected it.
            In portlet.xml I saw that the CMSPorltet is configuerd with the inital
            parameter to render the index.html.

            But why do I get this error message?
            I can't see a difference to the CMSPortletInstance.



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              Roy Russo Master

              Before we changed the descriptor, I tested so you can have several CMSPortlet instances on one page, all pointing to different start pages. Julien is going to fix the descriptor this week so we can use the instance preferences to define the start page. So for now, only one instance of the portlet can exist for one start page.

              If you wish to set the start page to your projekt.html, make sure you put the complete path in the init-params like I already have in there for the /default/index.html