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    Are eclipse plugins available to develop JBOSS portal and po

    Pratap Reddy Ganji Newbie


      To develop portal and portlets in weblogic therse is an IDE (weblogic Workshop). What is here to develop. What plugins and which IDE supports to develop?

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          Bradley Smith Master

          Hello -

          Keep in mind that BEA Weblogic Portal (with Workshop IDE) is quite expensive . JBoss Portal is young (relatively new) and is free.

          Having used BEA's WL Portal and workshop to develop portals, I would say that for me, I don't think an IDE provides too much value in this area - and thus, having an IDE with a few features targeted at portlets would not make or break a decision to use JBoss Portal. Rather, if you want a low-cost Portal Server that provides a decent baseline set of portal functionality based on JSR168, then JBoss Portal is a good choice. Jetspeed 2 has potential but it's still too complicated.


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            rincewind23 Newbie

            I'm currently working on a plugin for Eclipse to help create projects for JBoss Portal portlets - it will create the xml files required and generate some skeleton code for a portlet, then be able to bundle them into a WAR you can just dump in your deploy directory on the Appserver. The XML part is done, I'm just reading up on how to programatically create code from a plugin. Then I'll release it to the list. I've been away with work for the last couple of weeks so it's stopped for a bit, but I'm back on it now. Expect something in a week or so, if you can wait that long :)