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    Custom Layout Help

    arvind p Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm a newbie and exploring on JBoss Portal server and I'm successful in executing the helloworld example.

      I followed the reference document given in JBoss docs for creating a template. I want to create a template which is of the form given below
      1) User has to login first and this is one portlet and after successful login he should get the Top menu screen.
      2) Menu on top are from left to right in one row and all are hyperlinks.
      3) When the user clicks on the top menu he should get the Top menu (selected menu in highlighted) and also the sub menu for the one the user has selected. For each top menu, user will get the different sub menus. And all the sub menus are also hyperlinks
      4) When the user clicks on the sub menu, he should get the respective page which contains portlets.

      Please help on how I should go this and what all the configurations I need to do.

      Is it mandatory to modify the default-portal.xml to create a custom layout.

      How do I place the images for the window modes

      Thanking you all