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    JBoss Portal + EJB 3.0? is it possible?

    Patric Sherif Newbie

      Hello everybody,
      my company is working on project to create a web portal supposedly using JBoss Portal.
      The problem is we also want to use EJB 3.0, and up till now none of us has been able to make Jboss Portal (2.01/2.00) and EJB3.0 run in the same Jboss server, even trying different constellations of ejb and jboss versions.
      The result was that either the EJB3trailer ran OR the Portal.

      I also searched alot in the forums and on the jboss pages, but found nothing really useful, especially nothing describing the Portal requirements when using it in a JBoss server differing from the one in the bundle.

      So my question is, if this is at all possible, and if so could someone PLEASE post a little description of how to do it?

      I was also wondering if there is any documentation at all about using and extending Jboss Portals User Management in a way that we can suit it to our custom Portal.

      Any Help would be greatly appreciated.