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    [ANN] Kosmos 0.1.5, open source monitoring suite, released


      Kosmos is a suite of development project monitoring portlets, developed at JBoss Labs.
      The JSR-168-compliant portlets are backed by a server component, to track the evolution of various aspects: version control, issue tracker, continuous integration builds and project dependencies.
      They deliver an instant project state view in quasi-realtime.

      A picture is worth a thousand words: please take a look at the screenshots!

      Version highlights:

      pluggable cached data store (with a default WebDAV implementation out of the box)
      improved UI: expandable long lists, localized chart images
      compatibility with eXo Platform 1.0
      support for secured Subversion repositories
      support for the new SourceForge layout
      localization: French resource bundles
      simplified distribution: binary distribution package with both the server and the portlet components

      One of our current near-term goals is to provide localized versions.
      So we're looking for translators!