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    Portlet load sequence per page

    Thomas Roka-Aardal Newbie

      I have a portal page that contains many portlet instances, and the load on the application is going to be very high. Therefore, I was thinking about a way for each portlet to register a demand for data with only one method doing the data fetching aggregated for all registered portlets. Not sure if the thought is viable, but when looking at possibilities I wanted to know the load sequence for portlets. Apparently, the load sequence of portlets on a given page is reverse-alfanumeric. Which means this is the following load sequence:


      No matter what is changed in *-pages.xml, portlet.xml, jboss-portlet.xml or portlet-instances.xml this always seems to be the case.

      First of all: any tips on aggregating (combining) portlet requests into a single request, and second (more curiously) is this sequence correct (and is it subject to change)?