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    Unable to access Management portlet for Portal 2.2.0RC1

    benkrembs Newbie

      I was just testing out the latest version of JBoss Portal and encountered two fairly show-stopping problems.

      1. When I browse to the Management page, the management portlet never appears and instead the following error appears in the console: "ERROR [ApplicationImpl] Undefined component type org.apache.myfaces

      2. Everything except for that management portlet works properly for the first server run. However, if I stop the server and restart it, some problems crop up. First, the portal immediately redirects all requests to the login page (even after clearing cookies) instead of presenting the general landing page. Second, after logging in, users get redirected to a standard Tomcat 401 page.

      1. Jboss Portal 2.2 RC1 running on Postgres 8.0
      2. Jboss AS 2.0.1RC1 running on default database

      Anyone else experience this? I tried clearing out the database and deleting all temp files, but the above problems remained.