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    WYSIWYG HTML editor on browsers other than IE

    François Robert Newbie

      Is the WYSIWYG HTML editor supposed to work on browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows?

      I tried with Opera 8.51 / Win32 and all I got was text + markup.

      I tried with FireFox 0.9.3 / Win32 and I could not even login (HTTP Status 408 - The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded. etc... )

      I tried with Firefox 1.5 / Win32 and I could not login either (this time I got : The connection was reset / The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

      I tried Konqueror / Linux and all I got was text + markup.

      I tried Safari / Mac OSX 10.4.2 and I did get the WYSIWYG editor but all the content shown for default/project.html was a gray window...

      Hence the question.