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    localization/i18n support for page names and page titles

    Alexander Grünewald Newbie


      First i have to say, that the new version of JBoss Portal is very nice. Especially the new themes and layouts are eye candy and well documented.
      But one question I have, I could not answer consulting the documentation. This question is:
      Is there already an i18n-support for page names and titles? I would like to have suche a feature to provide localized menus and links to pages. I would expect something like this:

       <page-name>Hello World</page-name>
       <display-name language="en">Hello</display-name>
       <display-name language="de">Hallo</display-name>
       <display-title language="en">Hello World Page</display-title>
       <display-title language="de">Hallo Welt Seite</display-title>

      I think, this would be a nice-to-have feature.

      Best regards,