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    BridgeRequest : Unimplemented Methods?

    Phil Shrimpton Newbie



      I am using the Struts Bridge and I have been having a problem where forms that are encoded as 'multipart/form-data' were not working within the portal.

      The problem is the methods Struts uses to work out if it is a 'multipart/form-data' (such as request.getMethod(), request.getContentType() etc.) are either unimplemented or 'hardwired' to a default value in org.jboss.portal.bridge.BridgeRequest. If I implement all the methods by returning hreq.getWhatever in BridgeRequest everything works fine.

      My question is, is this an oversight, or was there a reason for leaving these methods unimplemented?

      Also, if it is not too late for the final release of 2.0.1, the lastest version of Portals Bridges (v1.0) is a lot better than the 0.2 version currently embedded in JBP.

      Phil Shrimpton