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    qustion on how own portal instance

    peter Apprentice


      I am buildling my own portal-instance which is packed as ear file and it is consisted of two modules currently.

      One module is ejb jar and the second is war files including portlet stuffs.

      Considering there are two jboss-app.xml files. One is under META-INF/ of the ear file and the other is located within WEB-INF/ of the war file.

      My question is that:

      should i use root-context element in the application.xml file of the ear file?

      In short, the question is how the root context is defined under such a packaging arrangement?


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          peter Apprentice

          another question is about the customized login and login error page.

          I defined my own login.html and wronglogin.html in my own web.xml file, it doesn't work because the portal always use the login and login wrong page defined in the poral-server .

          Any recommendation? Does it mean i must change the login page within the portal source and redeploy the jboss-portal.sar ? If this is only way, then there is no way to host different portal instances if they need different login and login error pages. Right?