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    different portlets to different users

    pedro costa Apprentice

      In the jboss portal, is it possible to define the menu list to show different portlets to differents users. For example, suppose that i've two portlets. Portlet A, and Portlet B, and i've a userA with role A, a userB with role B and a user C with Role C.

      I want that, in the menu list of the jboss portal, to user A, only shows Portlet A, in the list. And for user B, i want to show only portlet B. And for user C, i want to show portlet A and B.

      The menu that i'm talking about, is the one that is on the leftside of the portal. Ex:
      |Menu |
      | Page Menu |
      | default |
      | forums |
      | carris |
      | admin |
      | test |

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          Woodler Expert

          what you see there are (currently) pages, not portlets.
          But the good news is: yes, you can do that.
          You will have to create those pages, place the desired portlets on them, and then secure them via a security constraint that allows the mentioned roles read access to the individual page. As a result, user a (in role A) will only see page A (if pages B and C are assigned to different roles)

          You can provide all the needed info in the *-object.xml , or later on via the management UI