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    Layout in JBossPortal-2.2

    Giordano Vicoli Newbie

      Whit JBossPortal 2.0 and 2.0.1 I was able to create a my layout. At this proposal there were 2 samples (MyLayout and demoLayout) available for download.
      Are these samples also valid for JBoss-Portal-2.2.0? If not, are there some new layout samples to install e/o modify as MyLayout and demoLayout?

      Many thanks for the help.


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          Woodler Expert

          there are two new layouts in 2.2: phalanx and generic
          "phanlanx" uses the same constructs as you saw them in 2.0.
          "generic" uses the new default approach, where the theme takes over a lot more of the look and feel of the portal. The portal now comes with four default themes that all work with the generic layout.

          So, instead of writing scriptlets in JSPs you can now use the generic layout and use one of the delivered themes as a starting point.
          Or if you prefer the old way, take the phalanx layout as starting point.
          To see a direct comparison of old vs new we implemented the phalanx layout as Nphalnax theme, again using the generic layout

          There is also a lot of documentation about this in the reference guide

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            Thorsten Schmidt Newbie


            I would like to use my old layout (modified myLayout.war from Portal 2.0). Deployment works, choosing it in the menu does not (as expected). When I manually select layout and theme with the management tool, all portlet controls are missing. Is there a way to work around this or do I really have to start my layout on the basis of the generic layout ?


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              Woodler Expert

              'old style' layouts still work in 2.2 (see the phalanx theme for example)

              Do you get any kind of error , warning, etc. ?

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                Thorsten Schmidt Newbie

                >Do you get any kind of error , warning, etc. ?

                not that I am aware of. I realized that the old themes phalanx and no desk are still in the portal-core. However I'm deploying the war file in the server deploy directory (according to the server log both deploy successfully). Design issues are not really my domain...*sigh*

                I'll get back to this and post a screenshot, right now I am more concerned with functionality I have to implement :)