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    JBoss Portal with SEAM. Does it make sense and is it possibl

    Bernhard Hurzeler Novice

      Hello there,

      I like SEAM/JSF very much but also like the Content Management of JBoss Portal 2.2. Hence here is my question.

      Do you think it makes sense to use SEAM in JBoss Portal? What are the pros and cons?

      If it is sensible to combine the two has anyone tried it? How can it be acomplished?

      Please tell us your thoughts and experiences.

      Merry XMas and Happy New Year


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          Doug Schnelzer Newbie

          At the last Seam webinar Gavin and Thomas said that they just made the necessary changes for Seam to work in the Portal. I believe the major changes were to integrate with the Portlet session and not specifically use an HttpServletRequest. I don't think they have posted a new release of Seam yet, so you will have to build Seam from source to try it. Also they said that facelets will not yet work but that is pretty high on their priority list. You can check out the webinar replay at http://jboss.com/services/online_education.

          We are also very interested and tracking Portal / Seam integration. We are currently building portlets with JSF and EJB3, and really like the architecture.[/url]