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    /portal/portal/HelloPortal doesnt work?

    Matthew Purdy Newbie

      im a using jboss as 4.0.3, jboss portal 2.2, and mysql 4 on windows xp pro.

      both the helloworld portlet in the default portal (i.e. http://localhost:8080/portal/portal/default/HelloWorld) and the helloworld portal (i.e. http://localhost:8080/portal/portal/HelloPortal) does not work.

      all that is displayed is:
      JBoss Portal image followed by
      Powered by JBoss Portal

      futhermore, i took a test portal that i created that runs on jboss portal 2.0, change the three files into one (i.e. *-pages.xml, *-portal.xml, *-instances.xml to *-object.xml) and also i get the same output as the HelloPortal

      im sure i am missing something? but i dont know what??? since the HelloPortal doesnt work, i have nothing to reference. also note: no errors, exception or anything on the command line.

      does anyone know what could be wrong?