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    Can portlets be put in header?

    Vince Marco Newbie

      Is it possible to position a portlet window at the portal level so that it is positioned in the header instead of on a specific page?

      This is often done with a login portlet, so that users can login/logout regardless of which page they are on, and can have feedback as to their login status.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Woodler Expert

          there are at least two ways to get this result:

          1) create a new layout that places this special portlet whereever you want, using the theme's portlet tag

          2) add a special layout region to your layout that will host this special portlet. Each page then has to have a window definition for this portlet with the special region name assigned to it. This is how the tabbed navigation is done in the default portal. Take a look.

          Note: For the future (2.4) we are thinking about a page inheritence model where such common portlets could be assigned to a page definition that other pages inherit from (so that they inherit the portlet assignments from the parent page)