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    Two panelMenus on same page

    Andrey Ilyin D Newbie

      Hi All,

      I've got an issue which kinda bugs me. If there are two panelMenus on same page, selected one panelMenuItem in e.g. first menu, will deselect selected item on second menu. E.g.

      <rich:panelMenu mode="ajax" selectedChild="#{test1.selectedChild1}">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Test1-1" name="Test1-1" action="#{test1.select1}"/>
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Test1-2" name="Test1-2" action="#{test1.select1}"/>
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Test1-3" name="Test1-3" action="#{test1.select1}"/>
       <rich:panelMenu mode="ajax" selectedChild="#{test1.selectedChild2}">
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Test2-1" name="Test2-1" action="#{test1.select2}"/>
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Test2-2" name="Test2-2" action="#{test1.select2}"/>
       <rich:panelMenuItem label="Test2-3" name="Test2-3" action="#{test1.select2}"/>

      This will make two menus to appear and if you select e.g. Test1-1 and when Test2-2, it will only highlight Test-2-2.
      Is this behaviour normal or WAD?
      Is there any way to ovverride JS function which apply/remove selected style for item?