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    Packaging issue

    Michael Caughey Newbie

      I have two EJB jars and a War. I have the two EJBs in an ear along with the dependent jar files. The EJBs deploy fine. I have the war file depolyed seperately and I can access the portlets and my portal is accessible. If I include the war in the ear then my portal is accessible, but the portlets are not showing up on the page. All I see is the theme. I get no errors. I really need the war in the ear becuase I'm getting a java.lang.LinkageError when passing a custom object to the EJB from the web container.

      Whats odd is that I get the theme, which is purposely different than the default. Seems like the war is there

      I'm using JBoss Portal 2.20 and JBoss 4.0.3SP1. When I look at the jmx-console i can see that the war is deployed. Why when the war is deployed seperately do I have access to my portlets but when I deploy in the ear i don't?

      Any help is much appericated.