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    NavigationPortlet enhancements

    Vince Marco Newbie

      I was not satisfied with the NavigationPortlet for displaying my tabs, so I wrote a new one. It allows users to specify two properties on pages named, "navbar.DisplayName" and "navbar.SortOrder". These are not required, but if included will override the name displayed on the tab and allow controlling the order of the tabs.

      I will eventually submit this Portlet to the community, but I also want to add handling vertical menus (aka. CatalogPortlet) in addition to the horizontal tabs now supported, as well as adding drop down menus for subpages. If you're interested in the portlet before its complete just drop me an email.

      Also, if you have comments on my approach, I'm all ears. I started this because I wanted my required "default" page to be named "Home" in the tabs, and I needed to control the order of the tabs. If there are other solutions to these problems please let me know as I may not be approaching JBoss Portal efficiently here. It seems to me that rather than requiring a page named "default" the design of JBossPortal should determine the default page through an XML attribute, and order should default to the order each page is defined in the XML descriptor.