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    Interceptor stack question

    dunks80 Newbie

      If I had a portlet that I sometimes wanted to have write a small amount of content back to the client directly but i didn't want that content to be decorated in a portal window or for that matter even decoracted with the rest of the portal page (ie no html tags, no navigation portlet, the only thing i want written back to the client is what I write manually from my portlet ) would I have to somehow circumvent the interceptor stack? If so what is the absolute last interceptor that should run on the stack before decoration is added (ie where should i put my custom interceptor on the stack to stop the portal from writing all the decroation back to the client)? Which interceptors added the decoration? Is it the StrategyInterceptor?

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          Woodler Expert

          the decoration is done in the renderSet. There is no interceptor stack for this. The LayoutStrategyInterceptor handles the layout strategy (as the name implies :) ;

          The strategy is something you might be able to use for the other feature you are mentioning here: it is called when the portal, page, and portlets that need to be rendered are determined. The strategy can change some of the artifacts that are about to be rendered. You can ommit portlets, you can switch to another layout (JSP) , etc. To make such a decission in the strategy, it allows access to the portlet modes and window states.

          To my knowledge, the portlet can not determine at runtime how it is decorated. What you could do is inject another css file, or change the class attributes in the rendered portlet fragment. This would allow you to change the look and feel via css, based on what the portlet renders.