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    CMS Site Export

    Chris Hane Novice

      Sorry in advance if my nomenclature is a little different. I've just started to look at JBoss.

      I didn't find anything in the docs or forums; but I am wondering if it is possible with the CMS porlet to export the site as a static site.

      I am looking for a solution to allow for my users to maintain their website using a web based CMS solution. Since all of the sites are entirely static, I then want to export the files to straight html and load them into a web server (apache).

      The only solution I found that mentions the ability for an export is OpenCMS. Since I use other JBoss products I thought I would pop over here to see if the portel product is a solution.....or what it would take to add this to the CMS portlet if I found the time.

      Also, if this is not really fesible, that would be good to know.

      Thanks in advance,