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    Deployment Descriptor Hell - please help.

    Alex Gor Newbie

      Hello! I have been playing around with JBoss Portal for a little bit now. Reading documentation, etc. Have been trying to deploy a simple portal/portlet without any success.

      Please help me out.

      This is from 2.2 documentation:

      "All portal, page, and portlet instance deployment is now handled by one file: *-object.xml. You no longer need the *-portal.xml, *-pages.xml, and *-instances.xml found in JBoss Portal 2.0."

      What about /WEB-INF/jboss-portlet.xml?
      It is not mentioned much in the 2.2 documentation. Is it the same as the 2.0? Is it still needed?

      What is the role of /WEB-INF/jboss-app.xml? I only have one in JBoss_Home folder... do I need one for each application? Each Portal? Each something else?

      What is the role of web.xml in relation to JBoss Portal?

      Using v2.0 I created a simple Page, Portlet, and DDs. JBoss deploys without any errors. My Page/Portlet does not show up on as one of the Page (not being registered as Object?).

      Please, any good info/link on this is appreciated.