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    User's Login in Portal Application

    arvind p Newbie

      Hi Everyone,

      For my requirement, I need to display the Login Page first when the user access it for the first time and after verifying his details with the database he should be redirected to the home page which contains 5 portlet windows. Any further actions on any portlet present in the home page should validate the user present in the session (filters concept) if the session is valid then the user should see the intended page (response).

      Please help me on below mentioned queries

      1) How do I redirect the user from Login Page to home page. Currently I'm calling the home page using the page name defined in *-object.xml and I want to know the whether this approach is acceptable or not. If this approach is not acceptable then please guide me the procedure of redirecting the user from Login to Home page.

      2) How do I apply filter for Portal application.