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    General usage

    Jay Allan Newbie

      So what is the best approach for implementing a new portal? Do I create a new portal instance and start from scratch or do I customize the existing default portal instance that comes with JBP?

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          Volker Ritz Newbie

          hi, thats the same what 'm interested in.
          is there any tutotrial that shows how to do a new portal from scratch?

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            Jay Allan Newbie

            The 2.2 reference guide section 3.1.3 has a downloadable example of new portal instance creation. But I'm not sure if I should start a new portal and add the manager/cms/other-portlets to it or start with the default which already has everything in it.

            I guess it may not matter much, perhaps depends upon if I want to start with a fully populated portal or an empty one, right?