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    How to create a Portlet to add a new Window to a page

    Alessandro Ribeiro Newbie


      I´m trying to create a Portlet, a bit like the ManagementPortlet, but simpler and which not only administrators, but common users as well can use it to add new Windows to a page. I would like it to behave like the "Add Portlet" combobox in Liferay.

      I´m using the PortalNode API, as shown in the Portal Webinar, to get a pointer to the current page and to get the list of windows under a page, but I still don't know how to:
      1) get the portlet instance associated to the window;
      2) get the list of all portlet instances to fill in the combo box;
      3) dynamically add an instance to a page;

      Thanks in advance,