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    Is this the right producto for me?

    Jose Noheda Newbie

      I'm currently reviewing some tools that may help me to build a portal for a client. It should be a fairly easy web site with some editors providing content in the backend to anonymous readers over the net.

      To date I would solve this coding a little but recently I had to work with MS Sharepoint and I was amazed at the number of services it provides out-of-the-box. So I've started to wonder if there's something like that in the J2EE world.

      Basically I would like a tool that provides me with all the backend support (forms, lists, editing, search...) so I just have to code a frontpage that follows a creative design and presents the required info.

      I know that JBOSS portal offers portlet support (nice) and user administration (I just barely need it) but I need a powerful CMS and couldn't really grasp it here (after downloading and reviewing v2.01).

      Would it be a good choice? How can I test it?