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    Yan Liu Newbie


      I found this "#sub-navigation-container" in the css file of sample themes, however, no explanation on how to use it, so I believe this is a future feature, right?

      I am trying to do the same thing which contains top level nav bar and a second nav bar, the content displayed in the second nav bar depends on which tab being selected in the top level nav. I am considering:

      1) A single portlet for this two level nav, it seems that I need to add my own customized definition in the xxx-objects.xml to let the nav portlet recognize the content of the second level nav bar. I am worrying the compatibility issue if I extend this part.

      2) Two portlets, one for top level nav, and the other for the second nav bar. I need to switch between different pages in the response to user selection in the second nav portlet, or can I just swap in a specified portlet in a particular region?

      What's the best approach to this requirement?

      Liu Yan

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          paul tamaro Newbie

          Hello Liu,

          You're correct on your assumptions about those selectors -- we put them in for future needs. We're probably not the right guys to determine best navigation approach -- but use those CSS selectors to style them either way you decide to handle the navigation....