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    tooltip positioning in modal panel


      I'm using a rich:toolTip inside of a rich:modalPanel and when the tooltip is displayed it is staying inside the modal panel rather than popping up 'above' it. Here's a screenshot of how the tooltip is getting displayed in my modal panel
      And this is what it looks like when I expand the modal panel size

      I'd like for the tooltip to expand outside of the bounds of the modal panel. I added

      to my toolTip tag but that didn't help. Does anyone know of a way to get this to work? I'm using RF 3.2.1.GA.


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          This posting is rather old, but its seems either the problem ist still there or I'm doing the same thing wrong as the original poster. I have a modal panel (rich:modalPanel)  and within it a rich:tooltip. The tooltip is displayed but is cut off at the boundary of the modal panel. Most of the time less than a quarter of the tooltip is visible. I checked the z-index values with Firebug and gave the tool tip a higher value than the modal panel, but it still doesn't work. I'm using RF 3.3.3.


          Is this a known problem or should it work and I'm just doing something wrong with using the components?

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            There's a special "trimOverlayedElements" boolean attribute. Set it to "false".

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              Thanks a lot! Adding the attribute to the modal panel solved the problem. Sorry, should have looked at the modal panel attributes as well, not just at the tool tip documentation. You could consider adding this as a hint to the rich:toolTip documentation though.