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    JBossRenderRequest.isUserInRole() bugged?

    Mark Vollmann Newbie

      Using the current unmodified portal 2.2RC1( bundled with jboss ) the call JBossRenderRequest.isUserInRole("Admin") fails, although i am logged in with the default admin account.

      I expected that call to return true!?

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          Viet Master

          we expect you respect the spec in return.

          your role must be declared in portlet.xml in the security constraint section.

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            Jose Noheda Newbie

            I have a similar problem. I'm developing a JSR 168 portlet so I just want to use standard libraries / methods.

            I've tried to get the role of the user to no avail yet.

            1) Via portlet.xml and userinfo won't work

            2) Via request.isUserInRole("Editor") always false
            2.1) If I add (to web.xml)
            <display-name>Restrict access Edit / Admin JSP pages</display-name>
            <web-resource-name>Restrict access to JSP pages</web-resource-name>

            I get more of the same.

            So I'm stuck. Any help getting the role list?