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    What would be the best way to do this?

    Alex Gor Newbie


      This is not a specific problem but an open-ended question. There seem to be several ways of doing what I need to do, and I do not think I know enough about JBoss Portal in order to make the best decision. Any help is appreciated.

      We are basically making a bridge between a JBoss Portal and a CMS tool (not the built-in one). There will be a thin business layer there, but mostly the idea is to have Admins manage content and our tool to serve it via Portal.

      The Portal config itself is pretty straight forward. There will be a Main Content portlet in the middle and a Navigation portlet. There will be some other small stuff too, but that is irrelevant for the sake of this example. We will have a relatively small number of Pages. The server will contain only our application.

      The basic need is for URLs to represent location of the content in CMS. In other words, submitting a following URL:
      Should tell the Main Content portlet to go into MD/links in the CMS and serve a page from there.

      That is the main problem. I have limited background in URL rewriting? read a little bit about it, but there seem to be several distinct ways of doing this. Need a clean and simple way to:

      1) Set my portal as one and only portal, i.e. have central management of all submitted URLs, be able to examine them and determine what?s up, doing away with /portal.

      2) Convert /folder/structure of URLs into Session or Request parameters

      3) Forward to Portal Pages based on Session or Request parameters (after breaking up and analyzing actual URL)

      Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.