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    Portlet Localization (with jstl)

    l.forni Newbie

      Hi all,
      First of all, congratulation for the great job!

      Hi would like to know if it is possible to use jstl (fmt) to localize portlet content in jsp pages.
      My enviroment is jboss-portal 2.2 rc2 on windows 2k/xp.
      I did some test... first, i imported jstl.jar and standard.jar from jstl apache distribution (version 1.1.2) to my portlet WEB-INF/lib directory. Then i tried with some parameter in web.xml:
      To setting a resource bundle:


      To set a default locale if nothing found:

      But without this, all my test rise a NullPointerException (with a little modification to apache code, it works without this... but it uses the fallback locale only):

      The problem is that this last parameter will force all to english locale.

      I also looked at Kosmos project and i saw that they uses this last parameter to force only one locale.

      I notice a strange thing: javax.portlet.title (from resource bundle) is correctly localized.

      Ok that's my problem! So, because localization is very important in my project, what can i do? (Using only standard)
      Can i work with jboss team on this issues? (if it is an issue!)

      PS: I have experience with eclipse development, could i help with portal development in jboss-ide?


      Luca Forni