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    Why I can't Debug The JbossPortal-2.2 In Eclipse IDE?

    summer tea Newbie

      Hi all Jbossers:
      I have been read the wiki's Using Eclipse as your IDE.
      This is my main porblems list:
      1. I download the JbossPortal source from the net. At first i use ANT tools to ANT the build.xml,but failed.beacause of missing the thirdparty/junit
      2. I use the eclipse as <Using Eclipse as your IDE> but there are several errors as : /thirdparty/jakarta/jakara-silde/ is missing
      3.the project format is miss the source folder : output/gen/classes.

      I want to Debug the JbossPortal Source in Eclipse and set the broken point to track the *.java Source files. Is it possible????
      I am so hope your answers .My friends.I really want to know How can debug the Source and Make the Jboss Portal Source Runing