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    Missing transaction manager for PortalPolicyConfigStore

    Luke Studley Newbie

      Sorry for lack of detail in this post - am posting from a remote location to where ocurred so don't have stack traces handy.

      This problem occured in both 2.2.1 RC1 and last night when i upgraded to RC2. The effect is the failure to start of the MBean:

      In both cases I have found that I can circumvent the problem by changing the MBean config from

      <depends optional-attribute-name="CacheProvider" proxy-type="attribute">portal:service=TreeCacheProvider,type=transient</depends>

      <depends optional-attribute-name="CacheProvider" proxy-type="attribute">portal:service=TreeCacheProvider,type=persistent</depends>

      The MBean then deploys and I can see the portal. Setting it to persistent seems to match the config for the similar MBeans just above this one in the jboss-service.xml file. Why is this one set to be different? What is the effect of my change?

      If anyone iterested can post further info later.

      Am using JBossAS 4.0.3SP1 with Derby backing db.