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    cms portlet problem

    Kasper Odgaard Newbie


      I am using jboss-portal-2.2.1RC2 and Mysql.

      My question is how to configure the cmsportlet to display a html file created in the content repository.

      I would like to do this using the cms admin and management pages.


      Kasper Odgaard

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          leonardo da vinci Newbie

          You need to do 2 things
          1) Log in using admin/admin and use the CMSAdmin portlet
          Create a folder /MyFolder/MyPage

          2)Now create an instance of CMSPortlet in the page that you want

          Use the following steps:
          a)In portlet.xml

           <description>Default path to index page.</description>

          b)In *-object.xml (corresponds to your portal name)
          Place the instance of the portlet at the correct location


          also do the page - portlet instance mapping

          c)copy jboss-portlet.xml from your portal-core.sar and place it in your web-inf directory

          and voila !!