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    Understanding Servlet and Portlet interactions

    scphantm Newbie

      I already have a fairly complex JBoss Servlet deployed and in production. It is a transaction processor against several banks and a mysql database. so the servlet already has close to a hundred different hibernate dao and associated classes written, tested, and running fine.

      this application also has a user interface. currently it is written in PHP as PostNUKE modules and hits the same database as the servlet.

      We are in the midst of converting the application into a hosted solution and i certainly want to use JBoss as the application server because of its clustering capabilities, so i am looking at rewriting our PostNUKE modules as servlets to run on the JBoss Portal framework.

      I just want to make certain that i understand the servlet and bean interactions within JBoss before i make a big mistake.

      As i understand it, Once my existing servlet war file is deployed, the beans and various other hibernate classes are active, those same beans and classes will be available to the portlets for use in those portlets. So in Eclipse as i am writing these, for a new portlet, i simply create a new java project and in its classpath, i add the existing servlet project and i can use those objects.

      if that is true, what do i use as the application context when creating the beans?

      i know it sounds like i should know more than i do but i was handed the servlet app already running and for the past year have only been making changes to it, not really understanding why things were working.