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    Editing themes

    noicangi Novice

      hi comunity,

      i'm editing industrial theme to learn how to create themes (guiding by reference guide) and i found at the bottom of the portal apears powered by jboss, my question is where i change this? and where i change the name of the portal on the top left side of the browser?

      thanks in advance,

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          paul tamaro Newbie

          Hello noicangi,

          The string "Powered by JBoss" is in the DIV Renderer, the "Theme by Novel" is in the CSS for that theme, see below...

          #ThemeBy:before {
          content: "Theme by Novell";

          You can either comment it out, or put your name (or whatever you want displayed) in there -- this only shows in Firefox though.

          You will need to touch the "theme.css" to change, replace, or remove the "JBoss Portal" text graphic in the upper-left-hand area of the browser. The specific selector is "#logoName" see below. Information like this can be found in the "readme.txt" file for most themes.

          #logoName {
          /* Original Logo...*/
          background-image: url( images/JBossLogo.gif );
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          width: 187px;
          height: 35px;
          position: absolute;
          left: 15px;
          top: 16px;

          /* alt Smokestack Logo in header...
          background-image: url(images/JBossLogoV2.gif);
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          width: 576px;
          height: 71px;
          position: absolute;
          left: 0px;
          top: 1px; */
          z-index: 2;

          I would just create a new image that contains the text or logo you want displayed there, and tweak the associated attributes appropriately (e.g. image height, width, file name, etc.).

          We'd love to see what you have done as well at some point. Hope this helps, have fun!

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            noicangi Novice

            hi paul, i edit the industrial theme to learn ( referecnce doc) and edit the maple theme to create a blank theme (like a html page) also i create a layout where i add "powered by me" in the footer container and some links about the homepage.

            the renderset part of the reference doc its a litle confusing, i know that the emptyrender takes out the decoration that the render set part?

            i will check out the div renderer xml.....

            thanks ;)

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              Since I came up with the render set, and wrote the doc , I'd like to know what the confusing parts are. Could you please elaborate so that we can make it better .

              Thx !