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    Richfaces-3.2.2 - GMap-Component - Problem



      I've just upgraded my web-application from 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 to get opera-browsers working - but I'm sorry to say - it's not working at all for me!

      It looks like that the gmap-component is re-rendered (or even the whole page) which causes an empty, white page. I've double-checked if there is an unwanted re-render somewhere - but no ... I didn't find anything which could cause this strange behavior!

      Working on: 3.2.1.GA
      Not working on: 3.2.2.CR4, 3.2.2.GA

      Environment: JBoss 4.2.2, Java5

      Is there any known issue which could cause that problem?



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          what is you opera version?

          could you please visit live demo gmap example. Seems works fine for us.

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            Hi again!

            Thanks for you answer ... I think you got me wrong.
            The above mentioned problem (rerender of gmap and/or page) is NOT a browser-specific-problem - it happens in all browsers (tested with firefox, opera 9.52, konqueror, ...).

            The initial rendering (when the site is opened for the first time) is displayed and looks ok BUT if I hit a a4j:commandButton or a4j:commandLink it looks like that the whole page is re-rendered (whenever a reRender is configured or not) and the content disappears (blank, white page) ... the browser tries to connect to maps.google.com (statusbar) and i see the sand-clock ...

            I know ... the demo-site is working (for me too) ... my site is much bigger and it's quite hard to trigger down the problem (guess I have to exact some parts of it).

            Any ideas?



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              Ok.. please paste simplified snippet of the page and java code for button action.

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                "a4j:include" was causing these problems ...

                I've replaced ...

                <a4j:include id="gmap_content" viewId="inc/gmap_inc.jsp" />

                (which was working on richfaces-3.2.1)

                with ...

                <a4j:outputPanel style="display:block" id="gmap_content">
                 <%@ include file="inc/gmap_inc.jsp" %>

                - and it's working fine.