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    Directory listing

    Paolo Salvadori Newbie

      Hi all,
      I set my root context of my portal instance in jboss-web.xml as following

      <?xml version="1.0"?>

      but if i call

      i obtain the directory listing of my war app (my portal instance war) instead of the content of my portal instance. How can I do to obtain what I want?

      Thanks, Paolo.

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          noicangi Novice

          paolo....i'am following your steps hahaha, i edit in hwlloworld.war the jboss-web.xml file for changing the path but jboss send and error that in the web.xml file doesn't found something,
          anybody knows?

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            Paolo Salvadori Newbie

            If you use a jboss-web.xml like mine, you probably miss the resource-ref element in web.xml in your portal instance. This is the requested part of my web.xml


            the res-ref-name must be the same datasource name you have in the datasource descriptor file in the deploy folder of your jboss. (for example portal-mysql-ds.xml); other fields are unknown for me and I didn't touch them.

            I hope this is usefull to you.