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    JBoss Portal + JBoss AS 4.0.3SP1 question regarding MySQL

    Anant Mathur Newbie

      Before I ask the main question, all I need to do with this bundle is unzip and place in the desired folder, correct?

      OK, I also downloaded JBoss Portal Forums, unzipped and placed the portal-forums.ear folder under the /server/default/deploy directory. Now where do I need to be placing the MySQL JDBC connector? Or is it already apprpriately placed in this bundle? Also, do I need to place the datasource file under /server/default/deploy...?

      I start the server via a terminal with the command sh run.sh and 2 min later I have the JBoss AS up and running....

      Once I log into the Portal and start creating user IDs, where is all this information stored? The MySQL database is not being populated at all!! I don't know what is going on and how I can import users from my old database to the new one for the forums....

      Please help!